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This part of the website is meant to be a repository of resources which might be of interest to students of industrial ecology and related fields.

Looks a little empty, right? Well, we're counting on your contributions!

If you have anything you’d like to see here, or anything to add, please tell the student board and it'll promptly appear here!

Resources made by students and/or relevant to students

Metabolism of Cities website is an open source initiative launched in August 2014 as 'MFA Tools'. It was launched with the purpose of:

  • Making it easier to get an overview of the publications out there related to Material Flow Analysis.
  • Allowing researchers to easily (co-) create online Material Flow Analysis projects and share the underlying datasets.

In January 2016 the website was renamed to Metabolism of Cities, to reflect the broadening scope to other methodologies.

All code for this website is hosted on github and we invite programmers to help us improve the website and the online MFA software. But you don't need to be a programmer to help improve this website!

We need help identifying suitable studies, extracting relevant numbers, and presenting the data! We can use help in many forms, and would hereby like to invite anyone to join us.  

    • Specific tasks we need your help with include:
      • Identification of useful research projects and other studies
      • Extraction of relevant data and entry into our system
      • Assistance with visualization of data
      • Programming work to integrate support of all aforementioned functionality on our website
      • Any other relevant task you can think of that enhances our project
    Interested? Read more or get in touch!

Environmental impacts and material requirements of power generation technologies
    • Interactive visualization tool for impacts of energy scenarios, made with Tableau Public.
    • Supporting information to Hertwich et al. (2014) Integrated life cycle assessment of electricity supply scenarios confirms global environmental benefit of low-carbon technologies. PNAS

Open resource on consequential LCA A new open resource on consequential Life Cycle Assessment modelling. 

The new website is a collection of examples illustrating how to model consequential product systems in LCA as it is recommended in the ISO 14040 series. It is intended as an open resource for students and the novice LCA practitioner. The site provides free access to information that is often hidden deep within LCA reports or even left out in brief scientific papers to save space is a community resource. We hope that the community of LCA practitioners – and especially students - will contribute further examples of good practice so that the website will grow to show solutions in as many different application areas as possible. Here you find a list of repositories that are relevant for industrial ecology researchers. Feel free to add relevant content!

This GitHub provides links to repositories useful for input-output analysis, material flow analysis, life cycle assessment, and other resources related to making your codes (and your life) easier! 

Anyone can contribute to this GitHub. Feel free to join and share open source tools relevant to students, researchers, and practitioners! 

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