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Hi! We are the board members of the ISIE Student Chapter. Feel free to contact us anytime!

The roles of the board

We are the representatives of the students in ISIE’s governing bodies. Among our work, we:

  • Serve as liaisons between students and ISIE.
  • Represent the student community in the ISIE council and other governing bodies.
  • Compile and publish the students’ newsletters.
  • Lead the organization of student activities (workshops, competitions, meetings…) at ISIE related conferences, including the ISIE biannual conference, section meetings, and the Gordon Research Conference and Symposium.
  • Maintain a database of resources for students: study programs, funding options, etc.
  • Help in finding and obtaining scholarships for ISIE’s students.
  • Distribute and help the students exchange information regarding conferences, employment opportunities, and collaborations.
  • Maintain this website.

The structure of the board

The Student Chapter Board is normally composed of six student volunteer members elected by the ISIE student members. The term of a board member is two years, and terms in the board are staggered: each year 3 new board members are elected in October-November to replace retiring board members. During the 2016-2017 term, exceptionally, the board is composed by eight members. One of the remaining board members serves as the president of the board for a single year. This ensures continuity in the Student Chapter. If you are a student member of ISIE, you can become a board member! You'll get a notice about the next elections by e-mail.

The 2016-2017 student board members are (in alphabetical order):

Alessio Miatto
President of the board 2016-2017
PhD Candidate
Nagoya University, Japan

I am Alessio Miatto and I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. in environmental engineering at Nagoya University (Japan). I am originally from Italy, where I got both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in architectural engineering at the University of Padova.

I started becoming interested in the themes of sustainability back when I was doing my master’s degree in Italy, fascinated by projects like passive houses, zero energy buildings, or edifices built on brownfield with scrap materials. After first working as a teaching assistant at the University of Padua, and afterwards in a maritime engineering company in Venice, I then joined Nagoya University, where under the supervision of Hiroki Tanikawa and Heinz Schandl I started making my first steps into the world of Industrial Ecology. “Alessio, instead of thinking of a single building, think big! Start considering the urban, regional, or even national scale!” Tanikawa-sensei told me, and that is how I began reading about material flow analysis, urban metabolism, and material stock accumulation in the urban environment. Here I am, first a member of ISIE, and now part of the student board. I am really excited by the possibility of being actively part of the society! It will be a year full of opportunities, meetings, and fruitful debates. I am truly looking forward to meeting many of you!

Ana Rosa Rabelo de Lima

PhD Student
Universität Duisburg-Essen, Germany

I am a Brazilian Materials Engineer that just started a PhD in the German University Duisburg-Essen about recycling of metals. Our Institute works not only about traditional Metallurgy, but also recycling, urban mining and circular economy, reason why I'm very interested on a bigger exchange with the ISIE community.

I became interested in industrial ecology a couple of years ago during my studies in Brazil, when I could recognize that we can change the relation that we, as an industrial society, interact with the environment. This interest led me to the Industrial Ecology Student meeting last year, in England, where I was very happy to get in touch with this community for the first time – and I’m really glad it was just the start!

Carla Caldeira
PhD Student
University of Coimbra, Portugal

My name is Carla Caldeira and I am so delighted of being part of the student board! I am currently a PhD student of Sustainable Energy Systems of the MIT-Portugal Program at the University of Coimbra - Portugal and my research project aims to carry out a multi-objective optimization model for biodiesel production to assess the use of waste oils, reducing costs and environmental impacts in a Life Cycle perspective. My main motivation to join student board is to have a deeper engagement with the Industrial Ecology community, help spread the knowledge of this scientific community and build networks between students, researchers, and practitioners of Industrial Ecology all over the world.  I really believe that the Industrial Ecology community has a key role in the paradigm shift that our society needs to be able to deal with complex and critical challenges like Climate Change. I look forward to contribute with my ideas, enthusiasm and willing to do my best to the development and growing of this amazing community.

Christoph Helbig
PhD Student
University of Augsburg, Germany

My name is Christoph Helbig, I'm pursuing a PhD at the Resource Lab group at University of Augsburg, in Germany. I have a M.Sc. in physics and the skills I learned during my studies give me quite an analytical perspective on Industrial Engineering. The interdisciplinary character of Industrial Engineering keeps me motivated during the more challenging days of my PhD time. Meeting great people from with so many different academic backgrounds and from all over the world at multiple Industrial Ecology and LCA conferences was and will be a pleasure for me. We're all working on similar issues concerning the sustainability of industrial metabolism on the only earth he have, so my colleagues in the board of representatives and myself, we will work to give the next generation of researchers in the Student Community a voice and will help you connect to each other.

Dana Boyer
PhD Student
University of Minnesota, USA

My name is Dana Boyer and I am pursuing a PhD studying Urban Infrastructure Systems at the Center for Science Technology and Policy, Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota. As part of the Sustainable Cities Group, I work on issues related to urban food systems, specifically working to better understand the water, energy, and greenhouse gas impacts of city food supplies, working in Indian, Chinese and U.S. cities. Prior to Minnesota I received a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Engineering and Landscape Design from the University of Connecticut and a Masters Degree in Engineering for Sustainable Development from the University of Cambridge. Outside of academia, I’ve worked on various engineering and development projects in Latin America, the U.S., UK and India. I have really enjoyed my interactions with the ISIE student community and am very excited to continue my engagement and contribute as a member of the board.

Éléonore Lebre
PhD Student
University of Queensland, Australia

My name is Éléonore, I am 26 years old, currently doing a PhD in industrial ecology at the University of Queensland in Australia. I am part of the Sustainable Minerals Institute and the Wealth from Waste cluster, and as a result I oriented my research towards understanding the material flows within mine sites and recovering metals from mining waste. This is the opposite side of the value chain and a different methodology compared to what I studied in my master thesis: household waste prevention using a hybrid LCA-IO model.

In 2010, I was lucky to enter the industrial ecology master program at the Norwegian University NTNU, thanks to a double degree agreement between NTNU and my engineering school back in France. Since then I have stayed involved with industrial ecology in various ways – as a student, job seeker, volunteer, project manager and then again as a student – and I have learnt a lot. Now I hope to use my experience and support other industrial ecology students in their professional journey.

I am looking forward to work with the other board members, organise events and strengthen networks that help students connect and engage with the global IE society. Industrial Ecology is such a dynamic and multi-disciplinary field, it is clear to me that the ISIE would gain so much by connecting more its members. This is especially true for the new generation of IE practitioners. There is more and more of us undertaking international careers. The new student board is a great example: I count 7 different nationalities and 6 out of the 7 members study outside their home country! Because of that and our different backgrounds I really believe we can make a great team and represent well the global student community.

Maryam Arbabzadeh
PhD Student
University of Michigan, USA

My doctoral research at Center for Sustainable Systems in the School of Natural Resources and Environment seeks specifically to contribute to sustainable and environmental friendly storage technology. Therefore, it aligns well with the realm of industrial ecology, especially in terms of utilizing industrial ecology as a tool to develop innovative sustainability ideas.

My experiences including interdisciplinary research have convinced me that solving complex global sustainability challenges requires examination of various technical, financial, environmental, and social aspects. As a member of the ISIE student chapter board, I will try actively to increase the engagement within the ISIE’s community of scholars, who are from different disciplines, in an effort to influence industrial ecology and sustainability. I attended ISIE biannual conference in Surrey for the first time last summer. There, I met students from all around the world and figured out that ISIE student body has a great expertise and potential in areas that are essential to solve our planet’s sustainability challenges through the lens of industrial ecology. My goal as a board member is to increase students’ interaction and collaboration across the community and to strengthen the linkage between sustainability challenges and industrial ecology among the student members. Also, coming from a developing country that faces many environmental challenges, I hope to organize events in ISIE’s upcoming events to involve interested students’ innovative ideas for solving such challenges in the developing world. 

Yuwei Qin
PhD Student
University of California Santa Barbara, USA

I am Yuwei Qin and I am currently a PhD student in the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where I earned my master’s degree in Environmental Science and Management specializing in Economics and Politics of the Environment and Energy and Climate. I have a B.S. in Environmental Policy and Management with an emphasis on Environmental Economics at the Ohio State University.

I study Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) with an emphasis in assessing uncertainty of LCA results and improving reliability of LCA applications. I am currently working on an environmental and health impact-predicting tool for new chemicals, called Chemical Life Cycle Collaborate (CLiCC), and mainly focusing on the uncertainty and sensitivity analysis of the results. My previous research involves the uncertainty quantification of Ecoinvent data (the world largest LCA database) and the determination of probability distribution of inventory data. As a part of the ISIE student community, I would love to contribute to the development of the growing field of industrial ecology.

Former student board members

  • 2015-2016: Moana Silva Simas (President), Alessio Miatto, Carla Caldeira, Éléonore Lebre, Ignes Augusta Castro Contreiras de Carvalho, Luis Felipe Vásquez Correa, Maryam Arbabzadeh
  • 2014-2015: Tomer Fishman (President), Alfred Wreh, Carolin Bellstedt, Ignes Augusta Castro Contreiras de Carvalho, Luis Felipe Vásquez Correa, Moana Silva Simas
  • 2013-2014: Burak Şen, Carolin Bellstedt, Claire Antalya, Lin Shi, Tomer Fishman, Xiao Li

  • 2012-2013: Claire Antalya, Emma Keller, Graham Aid, Simone Pereira de Souza, Prakhar Goel, Xiao Li

  • 2011-2012: Susan Spierre (President), Ankit Aggarwal, Emma Keller, Graham Aid, Simone Pereira de Souza, and Yu Li

  • 2010-2011: Catherine Izard (President), Ankit Aggarwal, Dexin Luo, Geoffrey Gilpin, Susan Spierre, Vivian Li

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