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ISIE Committees

The International Society for Industrial Ecology has an extensive committee structure to further the goals of the Society and its members.  If you would like to be considered for any of these committees, please email us at:

 Edgar Hertwich
 USA  President
Chris Kennedy
 Canada  Past President (Chair)
 Gjalt Huppes
 The Netherlands
 Former Award Recipient
 Alissa Kendall
 Ming Xu
 Former Award Recipient
 Former Award Recipient
 Yuichi Moriguchi
 Japan  Former Award Recipient
 Reid Lifset
 Former Award Recipient

Purpose of Awards Committee

The primary purpose of the Awards Committee is to administer the Society’s biennial Society Award and Laudise Medal. The Committee will develop and re-evaluate criteria, descriptions and procedures for the awarding process.  The Committee is also charged with examining the on-going policies and procedures associated with the awards program; as well as calling for, reviewing, and judging award nominations.


Callie Babbitt USA Member
 Timothy Baynes
 Australia  Member
 Gemma Cervantes
Mexico  Member
 Lynette Cheah
 Jonathan Cullen UK Member
 Joo Young Park
 Colombia  Member
Chris Kennedy Canada  Past-president

Purpose of Nomination Committee
The Nominating Committee will call for nominations of elected positions within the Society, analyze the results and hold an election for members.   The Nominating Committee and ISIE staff will hold an information session at ISIE annual events at which interested members can ask questions and discuss qualifications for the opening roles.  This will open up the candidate field for the committee and introduce them to new researchers interested in being more involved with the Society.


 Shi Lei
 China  Treasurer
 Fausto Freire
 USA  Former Treasurer
 Timothy Gutowski
 USA  Member
 Vered Doctori Blass
 Israel  Member
 Chris Kennedy
 Current President

Purpose of the Finance Committee
The primary purpose of the Finance Committee is to provide financial and budgetary oversight and guidance to support the goals and programs of the Society. These include, but are not limited to, preparing and presenting strategic and annual work plans and financial reports to the Council and members.  The Finance Committee is also responsible for the development of short-term and long-term financial and budget strategy that supports the goals of the Society including developing long range plans for financial support outside of ISIE conference proceeds.

 Reid Lifset
 USA  Editor in Chief, Journal of Industrial Ecology
 Vered Doctori Blass
 Israel  ISIE Newsletter Editor
 Rene Kleijn
 The Netherlands
 Leiden University, Chair
 Harro von Blottnitz
 South Africa
 University of Capetown

Purpose of the Publications and Communications Committee

The Communications Committee will strategically plan for external communications and communications with the Society’s members by evaluating other professional societies’ methods.  The Committee will work with the Journal of Industrial Ecology to coordinate and enhance communications including online communications strategies and marketing materials.

 Chris Kennedy
 Canada  University of Toronto, President-elect
 Heinz Schandl
 Australia  CSIRO, Regional Representative
 Roland Geyer
 USA  UC Santa Barbara, Chair
 Anders Stromman
 Norway  NTNU, Regional Representative
 Seiji Hashimoto
 Japan  NIES, Regional Representative

Purpose of the Membership Committee
The Committee will ensure that the Society is meeting the needs of its members. The Committee will perform outreach to potential members in order to increase membership. The Committee shall design short-term and long-term membership goals. These goals will be consistent with the direction of the Society's Strategic Plan and Bylaws.

 Thomas Theis
 USA  Present Conference Chair
 Edgar Hertwich
 Norway  President-elect, Chair
   Regional Representative
 Roland Clift
 United Kingdom  Former Conference Chair
 Hung Suck Park
 South Korea  Former Conference Chair
 Lei SHI
 Future Conference Chair

Purpose of the Program Committee

The primary purpose of this Committee is to develop a plan for all the meeting held by or jointly sponsored by the Society.   The Committee will call for, gather and review proposals of potential hosts for upcoming biennial ISIE Conferences.  The Committee will also re-evaluate the structure of the conferences financially, geographically and programmatically and find other Societies or groups that can be engaged in ISIE conference-related activities. This will involve evaluating related conferences and events that potentially compete with ISIE conferences then determining how ISIE conferences can maintain strength among them.

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